NPM : 28212064


Hobby is some kind of activity that we like to do in particular time or circumstance. I will tell you about my hobby, when talking about hobbies i have many hobbies. The first is watch movie, watch movie for me as one of the means of entertainment and relaxation after a tired work. the kind of movie is a thriller, but I really like the movie disney because I think the best animated movie. a movie is fun because we can take a nice side of the movie. I able to watch a movie two times a day on my computer.

The second of hobbies is blogging, my kind blog is tumblr. I think blogging is the outpouring of hearts the main purpose of my blog is only for writing a daily record, with blogging we can tell the exciting experience, then blogging can also be a means to add friends, blogging can also be a means of doing business and you can visit my blog http://www.halloiranirmala.tumblr.com.

And the last one, when senior high school my hobbies is playing volleyball. I was not too good but i can play correcly, first learned volleyball to ball serve and it is quite difficult. Playing volleyball can also reliev depression, therefore volleyball much in demand all ages. But when collage, i have never play volleyball again.


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